Elevation Church

This project is currently private.

This summer, I was given the opportunity to join Elevation Church's Digital Team and collaborate with a diverse team of designers, developers, and data analysts. Throughout my 3 months in North Carolina, I had the privilege of embarking on various projects such as researching, prototyping, and creating the initial vision for Elevation tvOS app, as well as relaunching Elevation Connection Center, a digital platform for people to get connected through small groups, volunteering, and baptisms.

Elevation Church is a global ministry with a weekly attendance of 26,000 people across 18 physical locations, as well as a massive online streaming and social media presence. The ministry is also home to the Grammy-nominated music group Elevation Worship. Being able to be a part of Elevation this summer has not only given me experience with project management and UX design tools, but also insight on what it means to collaborate in a creative atmosphere with right-brained engineers who think in ways a designer usually does not.

Currently, Elevation CC and the Apple tvOS app are in their development phases. This page will be made public upon the products' release, so stay tuned!

[Project available upon request]

Weekly Sunday Service at Elevation - Ballantyne Location