Interactive Sketches

Fall 2019
Duration: Since Sept. 2019
Skills: p5.js
Collaborators: None

In the past few months, I have began playing with generative art, specifically with the p5.js Javascript library. Though I began these experiments in a CS course, I've found myself rathering enjoying the process — this is an ongoing series of code-based explorations oriented around particle systems and parametric equations.

Sinusoidal Prisms

This is a sinusoidal wave that's dependent on the center of the plane. The wave and its environment respond accordingly to the user's MOUSE POSITION, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, and the ENTER button. Go play around!

*Shaking sound grumble grumble

Perlin Trails

Tackling this experiment, I was just beginning to get into the concept of Perlin Noise and how that can create organic randomness in particles.


Hypotrochoid/Astroid Curves

This sketch was an exploration of mathematical roulettes, specifically the patterns of a Hypotrochoid and Astroid. The cursor position dictates each form's diameter, curve pattern, color, and size.


Generative Self-portrait

I like photography, why not build photos with text! As the frame count increases, so does the fidelity of the image. Users are also able to expedite the drawing by clicking and dragging the cursor.

Original Photo / After 30 Min.
Abstract Clock

Given the p5.js functions for time, I crafted an abstracted clock that visualizes the live time of whatever timezone the user is in. The time is a bit tricky to tell, but I think you'll catch on.

*Tick tock