New Trent Branding

Graphic Design - Summer Internship 2018
Collaborators: CEO and marketing team
Duration: 3 months
Skills: Branding, ideation, collaborative

01  Overview

For my 2018 summer, I was given the opportunity to work as a Graphic Design intern for Silicon Valley startup New Trent. Despite having a reputable name on the Amazon market, New Trent lacked a coherent visual identity that was ultimately hindering them from providing the first impression and experiential feel of a global business (which they are).

As a Graphic Design Intern, I collaborated with the company's CEO and marketing team on designing package designs and web banners for every product. Additional projects included rebranding business cards, user manuals,and managing the existing New Trent website.

02  Takeaways

Through my time at New Trent, I gained valuable insight on team collaboration and how to communicate with non-designers. My interactions with engineers and business-minded people taught me to constantly place myself in their shoes, forcing me to imagine how they would think and approach implementing visual cues. As the only person on the team solely invested in developing the company's brand identity, I exponentially grew in terms of leadership skills and idea pitching. This opportunity allowed me to develop a maturity and personal drive to consistently produce industry-level work.