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Brain Technologies

multimodal interaction

From 2020-2021, I prototyped new ways to engage with computer interfaces, mostly working with voice and AI. Unfortunately, most of my (exciting) work is under NDA and can only be shared upon request. Some of my work has shipped though and is now in the app store — Below are a few examples.


design intern


jerry yue (ceo)

Gleb Kuznetsov


8 months



origami studio

Main Website

Natural AI App

Worked with Gleb to design a search bar for all domains, which improved UI visiblity and clarity.



Redesigned notifications to be more communicative and systematic across domains.



Designed a better way for people to view their preferences and purchase details.

Expandable cards that can be collapsed for a more compact view.



Led designs for an experimental feature, Meet up, where users can find restaurants and make reservations based on location and preference. The app leverages user location data to find top Yelp rated restaurants geographically close to both users.

Prototyped intelligent restaurant suggestions based on user preference and order history.