Jo (He/Him) designs interfaces. He thrives in complex, ambiguous problem spaces focused around interactive media, digital tooling, and multimodal interaction. He studied Communication Design and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, an experience he holds fondly and will cherish for the rest of his life. If you have an interesting idea, please get in touch.



03.2022 - Present

Interactive media, storytelling, and gamified experiences. Lots of uniquely challenging problems that have transformed me as a designer.

Independent Practice

Design consulting for emerging AI and productivity companies. Notable clients include Anysphere (Cursor AI)1, Brain Technologies (Natural AI)2, andPlane3.

Skiff Privacy
08.2022 - 06.2023

First full-time design hire. 0→1 design for Email, Editor, Drive, Calendar. Scaled Skiff Mail to 1M+ users. Recently acquired by Notion HQ.

2022 & 2023

Two summers at Apple working on conversational AI interfaces for Siri in the AI/ML Organization. Explored multimodal patterns and new behaviors empowered by natural language input.