Joseph Zhang

I'm a designer interested in all things related to digital toolmaking, multimodal interaction, and Web3 interfaces. I believe good design is inherently emotional and affects people in a way that can't be rationally understood. I'm a fourth year undergrad at Carnegie Mellon studying Communication Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

Previously, I worked at Apple, Brain Technologies, and Elevation Church. Currently, I'm designing editor experiences at Skiff and social features for Metalink. If you have an interesting idea, let's get in touch.

Image of Projec: Natural AI Apple / Designed platform-level Siri interactions
Image of Projec: Natural AI Brain Technologies / Shipped numerous features around notifications, NLP search, and various domain-related work.
Image of Project 1: AIGA & Hue AIGA & Hue / Interactive data visualization of +9400 designers from AIGA's design census
Image of Project 2: Elevation Connect Elevation Connect / Web app designed to help people join communities in the church
Pixel Push / Collaborative painting experience exploring webcam image-capture and sound recognition
Reading Trends / Data visualization drawing relationships between Google Trends and NYT Best Selling books in 2019
Thinkspace / A speculative exploration of conversational agents in discussion-based contexts