Joseph Zhang

I'm a designer interested in all things related to systems, products, and multimodal interaction. Through my work, I explore different ways to visualize information and interact with computer interfaces. Currently, I'm a fourth-year undergraduate studying Communication Design and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

Previously, I designed multimodal platforms at Apple and Brain Technologies and community experiences at Elevation Church. In my free time, I like eating tacos and scouring FB Marketplace for the next best deal.

Image of Project 1: AIGA & Hue AIGA & Hue / Interactive data visualization of +9400 designers from AIGA's design census
Image of Project 2: Elevation Connect Elevation Connect / Web app designed to help people join communities in the church
Pixel Push / Collaborative painting experience exploring webcam image-capture and sound recognition
Reading Trends / Data visualization drawing relationships between Google Trends and NYT Best Selling books in 2019
Thinkspace / A speculative exploration of conversational agents in discussion-based contexts