Joseph Z

I'm a designer exploring interaction, data, and conversation. I experiment with new ways for people to engage with interfaces. Through my work, I strive to humanize complex ideas and questions.

Currently, I'm a fourth-year undergraduate studying Design and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.



Interaction Design Intern
05.2021 – Present
05.2020 – 08.2020

Brain Technologies

Interface Design Intern
09.2020 – 05.2021

CMU HCI Institute

Research Assistant
01.2020 – 05.2020

Elevation Church

UX Design Intern
05.2019 – 08.2019

Interactive data visualization of +9400 designers from AIGA's design census

Web app designed to help people join communities in the church

Collaborative painting experience exploring webcam image-capture and sound recognition

A speculative exploration of conversational agents in discussion-based contexts

S21: Working on Siri Knowledge
S20: Designed platform-level voice UI patterns based on core technology enhancement

12 weeks in Charlotte, North Carolina with some of the most passionate people I know

Worked on experimental hybrid speech-GUI experiences focused around search

My cute design cohort + some cool professors

Conducted HRI field research focused on navigating stuck-robot situations